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Sharing Assets

When divorcing your partner, as well as the official signing of documents to confirm the ending of the marriage, there are many other factors which have to be taken into consideration in order to make a valid divorce. Included in this is how belongings and shared ownership of any property are to be distributed amongst the two parties in question. The law surrounding divorces is quite clear on the majority of settlement agreements, and everything is split 50% each partner getting their equal share, regardless who invested most into the said thing.


As well as property other possessions come into question as to splitting valuables fairly. Expensive jewelry is often sold when agreement cannot be made and the purchase money is split once again. Legal lawyers will often look for the gold ira reviews in order to get the best value for precious metals and minerals. Gold is becoming a huge investment and now it is even possible for partners to hold on trust quantities of jewelry, gold, and other valuables, where they agree to share the same equitable interests in the items and a 3rd party will act as solo trustee. When prices of aforementioned items increase both parties can agree to sell the property and split the sale money evenly.

What We Offer

Broken Heart Foundation are here to provide individuals who are in the dealing with the process of divorce with legal advice and offer a set of ear to listen to any queries you may have. Divorce is a stresfull and emotional process and here at Broken Heart Foundation we understand the economic, and social pressures that come with such a intense matter.

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Broken Heart Foundation works with the leading legal firms who will aid you in your divorce process and help you get back onto your feet again. Feel confident once again with our support!